Thursday, April 3, 2008

what is next?

i feel like there are millions of other things to encase in blogstic. but david (and hopefully me) have been there and done that.

so, what is next?

Monday, March 17, 2008

you know what though?

it feels good to be blogging again. i think the contest will be finished soon too. we know i was going to encase nunchuks in plastic. we know what david encased ever so ironically in plastic. let's just whip em out and let someone decide.

tonight i encase and them we judge as soon as my nun chucks are not so tacky.

then we blog about other things because blogging is really good.

it was weed in a pipe encased

in plastic. i totally thought it was awesome. i think what i was going to encase would have been awesomer. but we all know david saw it. and now i saw his.


what is this feeling?

i don't want it to be over. i never did. i guess that's why i dragged my feet. trying to keep it from being over. and now it's over and i won in a sense.

that did NOT help figure out what this feeling is.

too soon.

end game is game over.

i guess. i dragged my feet and david encased and waited and i dragged my feet and he broke and showed me what he encased and it was funny but he did cave. so i guess i win by some sort of rules violation by david.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


omg i have not blogged in so dang long. but i am ready to get back on the blog horse. and most importantly, ready to encase irony in plastic.

(ABB stands for Always Be Blogging! and i will!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

is this thing blon?

blon. blog talk for on. blogging on again. why did i take so much time off, trusted reader? god, who can say? i guess since i am so new to all of this the pressure just sort of got to me.

i am, however, looking at the ironic thing that i am going to ironically encase in plastic for ironic purposes. i have a problem.

i love it. and i don't want to see it be encased in plastic.

yeah i do.